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Innovative Foodservice Solutions

F&B Resources is a hospitality consulting partnership
that specializes in serving the needs of
independent restaurants and food production operations.
We have continued to serve our clients for the past 25 years.

Our focus is enhancing the operational "GIFT" in your business.
TS equation is

Growth = Instill +( Foster x Talent)TS

The GIFT TS  equation starts with the raw talent of the
individual multiplied with the fostering, or training and
development, of that individual’s talent. Add that to the
instillation, or gradual placement, of that employee into an
organization. The product of this equation is growth of the
individual and the organization.  

Our clients have included
Purely American Foods - Athens OH
HB Hunter Foods - Norfolk VA
Tyson Foods- Springdale AR
Captain Georges Restaurant Group- Hampton Roads VA
Portsmouth Guest Services- Portsmouth VA
Club Antigua- Jolly Beach Antigua
USS Reuban James - Pearl Harbor
NAS Whidbey Island - Washington
NS Everett- Washington
RTC Great Lakes- Chicago

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F&B Resources